Greyhound Lifesavers, Greyhound Adoptions of Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina
Estate Planning

It's been said that two things are inevitable. Taxes and Death. Greyhound Lifesavers has suggestions for both:
" A donation to us is Tax-Deductible. And so your taxes, in this lifetime, will be less. :)
" And you can plan, now, what you would like your legacy to be before you leave this earth.
Planned gifts to Greyhound Lifesavers, or other reputable, charitable (501 c3) greyhound organizations can help ensure that other greyhounds get a chance at the life your greyhound was lucky to have.

We have some information on Planned gifts and Estate planning. We have permission to use the information from the original contributors. Please feel free to check out their sites.

We hope you will consider including Greyhound Lifesavers in your estate planning, with consideration of a cash bequest, of any amount large or small.

Did you know you can add Greyhound Lifesavers as a beneficiary on your life insurance policies???

Of course, we strongly advise that you to contact a legal advisor and/or estate planner as you consider this important step.

We thank you for your support and consideration.

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or by phone at  803 414 1476