Rainbow Bridge


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This page is dedicated to those loved ones that held a special place in the hearts of those who loved them.

Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of Heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge. When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet crosses the Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor; those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing: they each miss someone very special, someone who was left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent; his eager body begins to quiver. Suddenly, he breaks from the group, flying over the green grass, faster and faster. You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into those trusting eyes, so long gone from your life, but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross the Rainbow Bridge together...

*Author Unknown*

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Sophie - 1/2000 - 8/5/2015

In Memory of Sophie

Our amazingly sweet, loving girl that lived way beyond her years, but she never showed her age. We miss her so very much, but know she is now with her best greyhound buddy, Eli, running everywhere, playing tug-of-war and sleeping with each other like they so loved to do. Thank you Greyhound Lifesavers for all you do to rescue and get loving homes for these wonderful dogs.

Griddle - 7/14/01 - 4/8/15

Hunter - 6/15/98 - 2/27/12

Griddle joined the family in 2005 when she was 3 1/2 years old. This was after we had already fostered quite a few greyhounds. She was not a social butterfly but she did attend many Meet & Greets. She excelled at being a good example to many, many foster dogs. She opened her home (and her best bed) to so many hounds that we lost count. She let it be known that she much preferred the well-mannered boys. "Grid" loved her walks and her treats--and would flash her trademark "Griddle grin" when she was happiest.

Hunter joined the family in 2008 at the ripe old age of 10. He was a foster, was adopted and then was returned later when the family's circumstances changed. He was quiet, unassuming and forever grateful for any kindness shown to him. He and Griddle were"best buddies" and were perfectly matched for us.

GRIDDLE and HUNTER brought much joy and laughter to our family over the years. Both were very loved and are missed every day. Run free until we meet again.

Pete and Doris Ahrens

Micah A.K.A Spanish Harlem - 10/20/03 - 10/2/14

Micah arrived at Greyhound Lifesavers in Feb 2012, when he was 8 1/2. According to Greyhound Data, his racing career lasted from 2005-2007 and consisted of 91 races. He had 27 top three finishes with 13 wins. He battled GI issues (he had two near death episodes). And although he was never officially adopted, he received much love from his foster Mom and the best care possible. He loved retirement.

Run free sweet Micah.

ABBY A.K.A CLASSIC TWIST - 7/27/01 - 4/21/14

Abby stepped into our lives on a rainy October 17 in 2008. It was never the same again. I used to smile tolerantly when people would say that their pets were part of the family, but when Abby came to our house she 'was' our family. My wife and I said many times ''why did we wait so long to adopt a "Greyhound". Abby went everywhere with us. She was so loving and anxious to please that we couldn't believe it! As far as we are concerned, in the animal kingdom, there are dogs and then there are "Greyhounds". We miss her so much, but we know that she is in a better place.

Sarah A.K.A. Reko Hera - 1/26/01 - 12/7/13

Diamond A.K.A Give Me Diamonds - 5/5/03 - 11/17/13


They say a diamond is a girl's best friend,
In this case is might be true.
A loyal companion and confidant,
Diamond was faithful and kind to you.

A diamond in the rough
Is dirty and unrefined.
But your Diamond in the RUFF
Was a real gem, sleek and tall with shine.

Her beautiful silvery gray
Was soft and sweet and pure.
Her gentle loving nature shone
As she'd met each visitor at the door.

Kind and yet obedient,
She listened and she'd stay;
Laying quietly on her pillow
She'd pass the time each day.

Diamond knew how much you loved her,
Of that you can be sure.
The sparkle in her loving eyes,
Let all know you'd be friends for evermore.

They say all dogs go to heaven,
But having met some, I'd disagree.
Some may think they can slide in
With just a fancy pedigree.

But then one meets a Diamond,
Genuine, humble and kind;
A spot in Celestial Glory
Your Diamond will surely find.

Pleased to have her back again,
She's in Father's loving care.
Happy and without hurt or pain,
She's waiting for you there.

She'll as always, wait patiently
Until your life's journey is done.
Then she'll gladly welcome you back home
With wagging tail and licking tongue.

We'll miss her and remember
The strength and humility of that greyhound.
We'll work now to be with her
Our eternal friend, named Diamond

Poem by Jami Brady

JimBo A.K.A. Bow Stepping Out - 3/21/06 - 10/4/13

JimBo's gentle, loving presence, our afternoon walks, his funny sleeping positions and his friendly tolerance of our cat who would reach out and try to grab him when he walked by, will be missed so very much. We didn't have him long enough and grieve his passing.

Winnie the Pooh said it best: "How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard".

Love and miss you JimBo!!!

Bob and Debbie Ebener

Rocky - 12/2/2003 - 4/28/2013

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the passing of our beloved Greyhound Rocky. We adopted him from Greyhound Lifesavers in Aug 2008 and he sadly passed away Sunday April 28th. He was 10yrs old, but we had 5, almost 6 wonderful years with him. We will miss him very much.

Lisa & Gareth Roberts

Jack A.K.A. Jack Jackson - 1/21/2001 - 1/7/2013

Why did we call you "baby boy" so often when you weighed over 80 pounds? Perhaps it was because you were such a gentle spirit and the youngest hound in the house. You and your brothers Barker, Puck (Elvis), and Green Jeans all came through our group and you were all so different--in looks and in personalities. You should be proud to know your adoption was Bubba's decision and that you were his from the start. You were with us for less than 2 years (counting your foster time) but you got me through the worse days of my life. You took a huge piece of MY heart when you left. You obviously had fulfilled your mission here on Earth and earned your place in Heaven. You will always be loved and missed but we never say goodbye ....we will meet again.

Joyce and Autumn

Hunter A.K.A. ML Hunter - 7/15/1998 - 12/28/2012

Eli - 4/2001 - 11/23/2012

In Memory of Eli; our silly, goofy, happy, care free boy who loved to go for walks, play with Sophie and his squeaky toys, and sleep with his feet up in the air on the couch. Eli came into our lives unexpectedly at a Meet & Greet with Greyhound Lifesavers. We had planned only to adopt one greyhound that day. When we met Sophie, we were told about her buddy, Eli. Sophie had lived for some time with Eli. When separated from each other in new foster homes, he cried for her. When they were brought together again that day at the Meet and Greet, he was so happy to see her, he licked all over her face. We knew we had to adopt both Eli and Sophie. Eli never raced; he was rescued as a pup, blind in one eye, and had an injury scar on his hind leg. He loved to bark at everything and taught Sophie to do the same. He loved to start the day with a ruing song with Sophie and knew how to con us for treats. Eli was such a great dog. He showered us with his love and his sweet personality; losing him has been difficult for us and for Sophie. We had almost 7 great years with him. We loved him dearly and sadly miss him and his kisses.

Gerry and Lynn Marie King

Elvis A.K.A. RG's Santos - 9/16/2006 - 6/6/2012

Hello. I am Pat Killian. Sharron and I adopted RG Santos who we came to call Elvis. He became a member of our family in January 2010. Elvis passed away on June 6th. Born September 16, 2006, Elvis was not even 6 years old. We found out that he had liver disease and were trying to find a treatment. Elvis fought this disease with the very vibrance of his love of life, his companion and us, his adopted family. We were blessed to know and love him, and he allowed us to receive his unconditional love until that final day. As those who have lost a loved pet know, there is no way to fill the empty void that takes over. So instead, we turn to honor this wonderful dog who made such a deep impression in our hearts in such a short time. Every day with Elvis was full of wonder. We watched as he tried to remain aloof from his new companion, Cilla. Some might catch the reference to Elvis and Priscilla. We watched as he opened up to her and they developed a close bond. It is for her loss, too, that we grieve. Elvis touched so many hearts in such a short time. I don't suppose there is a way to keep records on something like that. But I am willing to wager that if there were, he would be a record-holder. We hope to see Elvis on The Rainbow Bridge when the time comes. Then, he will look up at us and we will tell him, "Good doggie." Until then, goodbye will have to do.

Goodbye, Elvis. We love you.

Sadie - 12/2004 - 5/2012

Sadie thoroughly enjoyed being on this daybed with all the pillows around her.

Bella A.K.A. September Bride - 9/2003 - 4/2012

Dan A.K.A. JD No Fan Of Dan - 3/11/2002 - 4/13/2012

With much sorrow I must share that JD No Fan of Dan aka "Dan" passed away at about 5 pm due to bone cancer. Little did I know that night I came to adopt him and he made his way through that group of greyhounds to lay next to me & rest his head on my foot, how unusual that behavior was for him and how he had already chosen me. Rest in peace my Big Man, I love you and miss you more than I can say already.

Terry O'Donnell

Peaches 9/2/2002 - 3/16/2012

Our beloved Peaches came to us one Spring day after a rough night of being rescued. Peaches owner did not want her rescued so she had to be smuggled out. We changed her name to Peaches because she was soft and fuzzy. Peaches was a woderful dog. She was always happy and giving plenty of kisses. Unfortunately Osteo took her from us too early. Peaches is now able to run with her adopted brothers Alvia and Thumb. It was so hard to say goodbye. She ran the house, and the other dogs knew she was boss. She was also a flirt, she would lay down next to the Male fosters as soon as they came to our house. Our little girl will be missed and will always be in our hearts.

Run Baby Run.

Love Mom, Dad, Kyle, Taylor, Willie and Louie

Missy A.K.A. Capt. Boyd 1/8/1999 - 1/20/2012

Our first encounter with Missy was at a meet and greet. And that first encounter would change our lives for the better. That was our introduction to greyhounds. Missy stood out from the other greyhounds because of her bright white coat and her fawn colored silver dollar sized spot on top of her head. That spot on top of her head was referred to as an "angels kiss". Now our little angel is running free with her friends. We will never forget how she always smiled at us when we came through the front door, or how she would "sit" in her trademark sphinx position when prompted before a treat. We are going to miss our little diva girl with those big beautiful brown eyes. We look forward to the day we all can cross the rainbow bridge together. Until we meet again.

Rest In Peace baby girl.

Roof Top Toe aka Topper 7/1/2000 - 12/30/2011

Topper Man,

When we first got you in as a foster dog, we knew there was no letting you go. You immediately stole our hearts and before long, you became the second member of our greyhound family. You were so funny and full of life, you kept us laughing all the time. Never before had we ever had a dog quite like you, and we never will again. God broke the mold when he made you, big white boy. You were one of a kind and we will miss you greatly. Though you may not be running back and forth through the backyard anymore, we know you're somewhere running free. We loved you from the moment we saw you and we always will. Rest in peace, handsome.

Oceans of Love,

Mom, Dad, Tori, and Fuzz

System CD Tahoe aka Tahoe 5/19/2002 - 12/27/2011

Tahoe was loved by many

ML Sonata 11/15/1997 - 11/24/2011

Nemo aka Bigfoot 4/13/2003 - 11/16/2011

Torque aka Torque Converter 10/4/2001 - 11/16/2011

Jo Jo 11/14/2011

Rambo aka Doc's Ramble 10/1/2011

Ray Ray aka Kansas Runaway 10/19/2002 - 9/13/2011

Alvia aka Via Alvia 1998 - 8/27/2011

Magic Brandie 5/20/2002 - 8/13/2011

Easy Dog 3/13/2002 - 6/28/2011

The "One and Only"

Daniel aka Mesa Daniel 5/24/1999 - 6/14/2011

You were being fostered in Charlotte, so we drove up to meet you. And (surprise?) we brought you home with us. You were a klutzy boy but always brought us smiles every day. No one has ever tossed stuffies like you. And no one has ever hogged a bed like you either. You endured the endless stream of foster greyhounds, were a greyt "host" and tried to teach each one our routine. You had your "favorites", especially Axel Rose and Hunter. You watched the seriously injured greys recover (especially Missy and Angel/Bella). You said goodbye to Tahoe. You suffered thru Misty Dee's moodswings and fell in love with Autumn. You and Jack became best friends. When you knew your time was short, you obviously let him know that it would be his job to take care of us. And somehow you must have known we'd adopt him. You were dealy loved, so there is no way to say goodbye .....we will meet again!!

Bubba, Joyce, and Autumn

Gateway aka ML Lane 9/1996 - 6/9/2011

Wrigley aka Eldren Jimdandy 3/23/2002 - 6/8/2011

Belle 1996 - 2011

Nikki aka BH's U Neverknow 2003 - 2011

Dobie aka BJ's Flying Black Gold 1998 - 2011

Amber aka IT's Mimi Me 1996 - 2011

Hummy aka Humming Money 12/23/1998 - 3/24/2011

MaggieMay Ripley 5/4/2003 - 1/26/2011

MaggieMay was supposed to be just an 'overnight guest', fresh from the track. I met her early one

morning and the minute she jumped down from the trailer we locked eyes and I knew she had found

her forever Mom. MaggieMay eased her way into our life and into our hearts. She somehow knew that

she had to 'win over' her Dad and she had him 'wrapped' within days. Our '3' greys soon became

inseparable. MaggieMay was such a beauty inside and out...strong and healthy and a true little

lovebug all wrapped in a gorgeous coat of silky, soft white and brindle. She would wait until we

were soundly sleeping and then stealthily creep into bed with us...we always found her cuddled between

us in the morning. MaggieMay went to Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly after having a routine vet procedure

so we have lost the sweet, gentle little girl we thought would be with us for many years to come. She'll

forever live on in our hearts and memories and we look forward to seeing her again some day.

Dooley aka KB's B Classy 8/9/2003 - 12/26/2010

Ruffie aka Forbes Ruffrider 6/96 - 12/11/2010

Sunny aka ML's Sunswept 6/15/1998 - 12/2/2010

Anika aka ML Honeydew 1/7/1997 - 11/20/2010

Debbie Rose aka Mesa Jolly Debi 6/22/2002 - 10/25/2010

My Tribute to Debbie Rose,

Debbie Rose was the prettiest girl and sweet. One person in my neighborhood called her elegant and she was. Sometimes I thought I should have renamed her Dancer as that is what she did when she was excited about going a walk. I loved her and I am glad she was in my life, even though it wasn't long enough.

Genie Annino Steger

Homer aka Homer Tiger Fluffball Monaghan 8/31/2010

GL Test Kitty

OBITUARY - Homer Tiger Fluffball Monaghan, age 17, passed away on Tuesday, August 31 at Cherokee Trails Animal Hospital. His death was from a stomach tumor which had turned into cancer. Homer was predeceased by his sister, Daisy, a cocker spaniel, and sister, Kelsey, a greyhound and probably feline siblings, but names and whereabouts are unknown. He is survived by his owners, Elizabeth Monaghan of Moncks Corner, SC, Joe and Dianne Monaghan of the home, and greyhounds JoJo and Eddie Monaghan and numerous foster greyhounds. Homer lived a good life and resided in several states. He will be missed by all, but is believed to be running pain free and happy at the Rainbow Bridge. The family wishes to thank the staff at Cherokee Trails for their kindness in assisting him on this journey.

Blackie aka Freddie 8/20/2010

Vader aka RK Onemovin Onby 2/27/1999 - 8/12/2010

Rollie aka FR Frolly Rolly 1/19/2002 - 8/8/2010

Kelsey aka Miz Kelsey 11/22/1997 - 6/4/2010

JUNE 4, 2010


Secret Squirrel 1/14/1999 - 5/2010

Dominator 6/3/2004 - 5/24/2010

Sadie aka TX's Sadie 3/8/2003 - 5/15/2010

Miller aka Hylife Pull 8/15/1999 - 4/2010

Hannah 4/2010

Candi aka Hi Candi 4/2008

Cinnamon aka Hot Cinnamon 4/2007

Joey aka My Pal Joey 4/2007

From left to right: Cinnamon, Candi, Joey, Hannah

Katie aka BG's Katie 4/21/2002 - 3/29/2010

Lydia aka ML Gift Wrap 12/20/1996 - 3/25/2010

Jazzie 5/97 - 3/23/10

Jazzie aka Hy Jazz Doll

Jazzie first came into our lives in April of 2001. My daughter, Mallory, had just lost her guinea pig, and her Nana gave the precious Jazzie to her as a gift to soften the hurt. We fell in love with her immediately. I will never forget coming home from work during that first week and finding that she had gathered all my grandmother's antique figurines out of the guest room and had them neatly placed around her bed. I was astounded in the first place by how she removed them, and thoroughly shocked that nothing was broken. That incident brought about many years of laughter at what Jazz must have thought about my decorating abilities. I actually think she was just making our house her home. A few months after we received Jazz, my mother passed away. Mallory had lost her Nana, but the precious last gift remained. From the day she arrived, Jazzie brought warmth and love into our lives, and much, much laughter. She was definitely a card. She managed to survive through some rather rough accidents and illnesses, and always saw us through whatever we were going through. She was certainly the ladies' best friend. Jazz began to go downhill around Thanksgiving, developing swollen lymph nodes. However, all tests came back that she was okay. She even saw me through one more surgery, never leaving my side. I had remarried this summer, and I guess she knew that we had someone to take care of us now because she continued to worsen and on that final morning of March 23, Jazz woke up completely blind. Her tests on that day showed that she had lymphoma and that it had taken her eye sight and eating into her brain. We made that tough decision to send her over the rainbow. She will truly be missed all the days that we have left here on Earth without her. I am looking forward to warm reunion with her cheesy grin one day.

We love you dear Jazzie............rest in heavenly peace.


Suzanne and Mallory

Our little Jazz did seem to get herself into much mischief. At many meet-and-greets I have told the story of the little girl who decided to redecorate by taking expensive figurines and placing them around her bed. Well, this is the little girl. I remember vividly Suzanne calling me when Jazzie broke her leg. She always did everything in a big way, including working her way into all of our hearts.

Jazzie, you will truly be missed.


Alli aka Cleo N Alli 8/14/02 - 3/10

Precious little Alli, when she was originally fostered in my home she was quiet, yet would play with the other greys. Eventually she moved to another foster home that had a foster male and her own male greyhound. Alli became a different girl - "Queen Dominatrix" would have been a good name for her. She ruled the roost ovwer the two boys and they knew it. It was so funny to watch the change in her personality and is one of the beauties of fostering. You get to see this wonderful breed emerge from their shell and find out who they are. Alli certainly did that and a good job she did in letting the boys know who was in charge. She will be greatly missed by her adoptive family.

Alli, my dear, go chase the butterflies at Rainbow Bridge until you are with your family once more.


Barker 1/21/01 - 3/10/10

Barker, you will truly be missed. I remember picking you up from David at the truck stop on I-95, Judy Shamp had called while we were at Mountain Hounds and said she had a very sick greyhound who needed medical treatment. Little did we know how extensive that medical treatment would be. You were started on prednisone and soon were eating everything that dropped to the floor in my home. I would just say, "Oh Barker". Many do not realize that you did not just chew items, but consumed them. Joyce and I decided that the only type poop you liked was colored poop. Boy, was that poop always colored, sometimes purple from vet wrap, misread of colors because you ate a sock and the list goes on and on. That is what 70 mg of prednisone a day will do for you. Even when you were down to 10 mg. of prednisone the voracious appetite continued. I remember how Dr. Feder was so upset when he was trying to do an exam and all he could do was pull cotton from your abdomen. Until then I had no idea which grey had eaten my hot pad. That mystery was solved quickly. You were a good boy as you only ate half of it. I remember how when you and your brother Puck were living in my home, and I would come in from the grocery store and usually had little pastry fruit roll ups from Bi-Lo. I would hardly get the bag on the counter and go to the car for the next bag and by the time I returned, you and Puck had eaten all of the pastry. All I could do was laugh. Every time I put on a pair of socks (just to wear around the house of course) that are the same color but not a matching pair, I have to laugh and think of you my precious boy. Oh how you made me laugh when you would get "That Look" in your eyes and walk over to me, or anyone for that matter, and put a paw in my lap, then the other paw, then onto the shoulders they went and before I knew it, you were covering me with kisses. I was excited to see the response by Carl when we took you for the home visit. Carl was sitting on the floor and you did the paws in the lap thing and then onto his shoulders and the smooches started. I do believe you melted Carl's heart at that moment, not that he would admit it. I remember when I was discussing with the vet's that you may be having your last visit because your weight had dropped to 56 pounds and you were eating 6 cups of food a day. Joyce and I talked and decided to try a different food and before we knew it, you had gained 2 pounds and then another 2 pounds until you became stable at 72 pounds. There are so many stories about you and you touched my heart deeper than any will every know. Rest my boy and chase the butterflies while you wait for your family, Dillon (you were his favorite dog), Judy, Laura and Carl as we meet you at Rainbow Bridge some day. Be at peace my lovely big black boy.


Your Foster Mom

Dash aka K's Passion Dash 2/99 - 11/12/09

Dot aka Bingo Queen 3/28/99 - 11/15/08

Maggie aka ML Magnetic 12/20/96 - 7/17/09

Went to play with her friend Honey on 7/17/2009.

Ellen aka M's Ellen's Memo 4/1/99 - 6/13/09

Blast Aweigh 2/11/02 - 5/18/09

Chandler aka Ed's Skydiver 1/2/97 - 5/3/09

Haily Blair 9/26/99 - 3/9/09

Haily was everyone's BFF. Nobody was a stranger to her. Her hugs and kisses will be with us always!

R.J.s Squigly aka Estate 5/9/00 - 3/5/09

Estate, when we first saw you at the reunion and found out that you and Fuzz were actually littermates, we were so excited to be able to see you. We thought you were the most beautiful princess that we had ever seen. As fate would have it, you were returned to the group, and we were asked if we would like to foster you. From the first moment you walked into our home, we knew we could never let you go!! Fuzz and Topper knew you belonged here too! When we adopted you, we were so blessed to have such a beautiful princess living with us. You were so loving, graceful, and so very loyal, and you gave such wonderful kisses to everyone that you met. Everyone thought you were so beautiful. You became known as my Diva Dog, and I called you my Chunky Monkey (you had a few extra pounds you know!!) You were simply the love of my life!! We always had your nails painted so that they would match your collars. And of course a Princess has to have a tiara, which you did and wore gracefully. You had your own line of jewelry too! When we finally found out that you had cancer it was too late to save you, a massive tumor had grown on your shoulder and your quality of life deteriorated so fast thet we were literally blindsided. You finally let us know that you were too tired and in too much pain, and we realized that we had to let you go. Our devastating loss was heaven's gain. our lives were forever changed when we lost you and our home seems so very empty. Fuzz and Topper still look for you, I guess they're wondering what happened to their big sister. I've always heard that God will give you the desires of your heart, so I know when I reach Heaven and open my mansion's door you'll be waiting for me. So wait patiently my princess, and we will be together again!!

Oceans of love,

Mom. Dad. Tori. and the boys

Cabbie aka Cabin Fever 2/19/02 - 3/4/09


When you walked into our home and sailed up into the middle of our bed, you instantly became part of our family. We quickly realized that we hadn't adopted you, you had adopted us. From the thrills of watching you run free at the baseball field to laughing while watching you "roach", every part of our lives has been changed by you. You have made us better people and have deepened our love for greyhounds and our commitment to helping save as many lives as we can.

Until we meet again,

Jeff, Jessica, Mary-Rachel, Hawkeye and Millie


And so, with a very heavy heart , tears and endearing love, we said "goodbye" to our 'tunie this afternoon and guided her across Rainbow Bridge.  By now she is across the bridge and looking for Smoke, Rivet and Sugars (if they weren't right there waiting for her).

Night Night sweet puppy; we will miss you forever.


Blaze aka Hoot-N-Scoot 5/19/97 - 2/14/09

A gentle soul when he came into our lives – making them richer beyond our wildest dreams – and an even gentler soul when he left.

Tell anyone who will listen all your stories – I’ll still be listening for them!

You were our perfect one! A gentleman to the end.

Run free and play with the squirrels and birds & give Halle & Sheba kisses and love from us.

Missing you terribly & loving you even more,

Mom, Dad & one very lonely Easy Dog

Hercules 3/2/1998 - 2/2009

Layla (SMA's Sevenseaso) 6/16/1998 - 12/5/2008

Layla was a total love.  Once she recovered from her arthritis she would pogo as you came in the door.  She was so bouncy and full of life (she took after Nitro).  Layla will truly be missed by those of us who knew her best.  Run my sweet girl, after the butterflies in the meadow;  you will no longer have to struggle to take a breath.

Abita Foxie 01/1997 - 11/13/2008


ML Dusty Trail & ML Wedding Bells - 12/10/1994 - 11/2008

Dusty came into our lives in April, 2002. Ann and I walked into a meet & greet in Summerville and I announced I had come to get a greyhound. The people laughed and said that is not how it works. We talked and two wonderful ladies came to visit and brought Dusty and another grey. After the visit we had almost decided on the other grey when Ann said “I really like Dusty. I passed that message to Judy and the rest is history.

In February, 2004 we got an email with a picture of the prettiest girl in the world. We were told she was Dusty’s littermate. The moment Ann saw the picture I knew we had two doggies.

When I would pack the car for a trip Bells would lay in the hall and turn her head as I walked by so as to not make eye contact. Dusty would just watch with those big ears straight up. When I would return they would be standing at the door, tails wagging, saying want to go for a walk. I always did regardless of how tiered I was and we all felt better for it.

Dusty and Bells came into this world together December 1994 and departed November 2008. They loved each other very much and loved us and we loved them very much.

I know I will see them again at Rainbow Bridge wagging their tails and saying, want to go for a walk, we will and we’ll all feel better for it.

P's Bella 6/6/1995- 11/2008

She was the sweetest of dogs and our only girl...she will be greatly missed. "She will live in our hearts forever."

Bingo Queen aka Dot 3/28/1999 - 11/15/2008

Snow Rain aka Edie 6/17/1996 - 10/29/2008

Edie's forever life began with us January 25, 2003. She was a dainty little waif of a girl with a sweet face and magnetic eyes that could melt an iceberg. Stetson Hat and Edie liked each other immediately and from that day on were always together. Edie was quiet and always hung back when meeting people, waiting patiently to be invited forward for a hug. She truly perked up whenever we reached for her leash suddenly dancing, jumping straight up and down, always barking as if letting the neighborhood know: "hear ye, hear ye...let it be known that I am now going for a walk!" On the walk, no matter who started out in front, Edie always snuck up on the outside and stealthily took the lead. She so enjoyed 'showing off' racing around the backyard always out-running even the youngsters MaggieMay and Lacey that also joined our family. MaggieMay and Edie became joined at the hip..Edie just adored her new sister. Our baby was diagnosed with osteosarcoma on October 14th in both sholders and hips..we sent her to Rainbow Bridge to be with Stetson Hat once again on October 29th.

Trio Tibbs aka Tio 12/29/2004 - 9/30/2008

Star aka Nik 10/98 - 8/08.

I renamed him "Nikolai" because he is regal. He loves to visit with
Rather, he approaches, allows petting & admiration, poses, then moves on. He
does love to play. At the dog park, he is not snobby. He plays with the pit
bulls & boxers, then he finds a group of people and walks around the lake
with them, then he stations himself at the entrance to greet the new

Stetson Hat 7/2/96 - 7/12/08

Stetson was our big ole' lover-boy. He was a velcro man through and through. He loved car rides, long walks, stuffies (he treated them like babies) sunny siestas in the grass and comfy beds. Not a day went by when he didn't tell us he loved us. He was strong and brave and loving with a huge heart and a comical side. It was love at first sight the day we picked him up. Stets will be in our hearts forever.

Look Out Below Lucky

We love you buddy!  We know that you are at last in a place where  you can run free and not feel any pain anymore.  Be good and watch out for Cocoa and Riccochet-thay are there with you, too.

Bold Guardian aka Fletcher 1/1/1996 - 2/7/2008

Rivet 5/24/97 - 1/7/2008

Amadeus 8/30/00 - 12/28/07

Halle Berry 5/17/01 - 12/23/07

The Greyhound named Halle Berry

Once upon a time there was a princess sitting in PetSmart. One day a man walked in, looked at her and she stole his heart. We took her home to her kingdom and there she stayed with her cat Sheba and then two brothers -Easy and Blaze. She had a quiet dignity, but get her mad - nasty she could be. We had alot of foster brothers and sisters for her to play with, but she much rathered her brothers, that's when she felt most safe. Then the day came, much too soon, our Halle was sick, our hearts would break. We did what we could, what we thought was right - but our brave little girl lost the fight. She left with the dignity she walked with into our lives and took with her a piece of our hearts. She gave so much more than we ever gave her, it was an honor to have her, love her and keep her. I am hoping she was so special that God wanted her back just to be with Him. He didn't need another dog right then - he needed a Greyhound.

We love you and miss you with all our hearts. Run whole and run free (show them your wheels)!

Mom & Dad, Easy, Blaze & Sheba, and all the foster furkids that learned your "sweet & loving ways"

RC Bright Eyes "Brighty" 5/28/1994 - 10/21/2007

MISTY DEE 12/5/2002 - 10/18/2007

From the first day she arrived, Misty Dee was always a little different. She flew US Air into Charlotte, did a Meet & Greet, and rode home with Judy instead of traveling on a hauler from Florida to Columbia. For the longest time, she refused to walk on white floors. To her, having her nails trimmed was sheer torture. She hated sharing the couch with certain foster dogs. She thought "sit" meant to lay in the sphinx position. She learned to crawl by watching Missy. She decided carrots were special treats only after watching Tuckett devour them. And from Daniel, she learned that the "human" bed was even more comfortable than the couch. She never failed to make us laugh, especially when she started tossing her favorite stuffie around the den. She was always ready to give you a kiss or lay her head in your lap, on your chest or on your shoulder. A true "Daddy's Girl" she loved laying at Bubba's feet and sharing his snacks. And she delighted in stealing a drink of his milk when he wasn't looking. From her coloring to her habits to her personality-she was one of a kind. We were blessed to have her and her idiosyncrasies in our life. We watched as she lived each day to the fullest. While she will be greytly missed, she will never be forgotten. She's left too many paw prints in our hearts.

Dee, I saw the rainbow you sent today, and I understand.

Run fast and free, sweet girlie. We'll see you at the Bridge.

Joyce, Bubba and Daniel

Lord Ashridge 3/1998 - 9/2007

ML Hickory Smoke 1994 - 2007

Texas 4/1996 - 8/2007

ML Cheryl 9/1995 - 7/4/2007

Ml Smoked Denim 11/1995- 6/2007

Renard 10/1997 - 6/2007

RV Wednesday 11/27/1996 - 6/11/2007

We miss our precious princess

May your troubles be less,
your blessing more,
And nothing but happiness come
through your door.

Bo Duke 8/23/2002 - 8/22/2007

Snaps Julee 4/26/1991 - 2/27/2007

Skyway Tyler 4/1996 - 2/2007

Nate - DJ's Donneybrook 5/1993 - 1/19/2007

Dreamer 1995 - 12/11/2006

Sophie 1995 - 12/5/2006

Sophie became a part of our family 4 years ago after Judy introduced us to her. We knew right away she was the one. She brought us so much joy, smiles, laughs, love and warmth and for that we can never be thankful enough. On December 5th we had to put Sophie down due to a handful of medical problems. It was the hardest decision to make, but in the end, the right one. She has since passed on some of her more comical traits to our other Greyhound, Apollo (such as her impersonation of a kangaroo when its time for a walk, or cleaning her face on our white walls after eating). Although she was 12 and he is only 3, she has clearly taught him some of life's little lessons.

Sophie will always been in our hearts and thoughts!

We love and miss you more than you know!

Matt, Katie and Apollo

Honeymae 1996 - 9/18/06

She had developed bone cancer and after many trips to see Dr. Pirkle @ Shandon Wood and a referral to a specialist I had to make the decision to let her rest. When I adopted her from your organization I did not know what a wonderful friend and companion I was gaining and what a loss I would encounter once she was gone. I still miss her so much but I do hope to be able to love another greyhound one day. Thank you so much for connecting me with such a wonderful friend. I will definitely use your organization again when I decide to adopt another. Please enjoy the attached picture of Honey. This was taken Christmas 2005

Lad 1998 - 7/28/2006

We lost our sweet Lad to bone cancer last Friday. He was such a brave boy and fought the battle the best he could, without ever crying or complaining. Unfortunately, the cancer which originally started in his right front leg (amputated 5/22) spread to his lungs. Lad wasn't ever the bravest greyhound around, but you'd never know it the last few months. He made us so proud of him with his courage and strength. We miss our sweet Laddie Boy dearly, but we know he is running on the other side of the bridge with our beloved Belle, who we lost just 5 short months ago. We will see them both again someday.
Frank Rutowski

Ricochet 1998 - 7/21/2006

We lost our beloved Captain Ricochet to heart disease- It came on all of a sudden, with his long-term prognosis not being long enough. We helped him to go gently into the night with dignity and comfort and in as little pain as could be managed. He will be missed. There is such a hole in our hearts right now, but thank goodness for Lucky and Jackie. They help to fill in the emptiness.

Sunshine Passed 6/9/2006

Duke 1/1997 - 11/2006

Sunshine is the white Grey with the brindle on her eye.

ML Smoked Amber aka Amber 1994 - 4/25/2006

We fell in love with Amber the first time we saw her, the day we had our first home visit. We were told that when her litter was born they were placed on silk pillows. This is when she became the DIVA.When she came into our house she owned it. But she was not available to be adopted. A few years later we had the opportunity to adopt Amber ourselves and jumped on it. Of course Amber jumped right onto our couch. She was the Princess. If you had an empty hand and it was not touching her she would flip it until you DID touch her.She did have her quirks she would let you know if a thunderstorm was coming. You would look to find her and she was next to the bathtub shaking away. I am not sure that there has been another greyhound that was as spoiled rotten as she was. She ran into our lives and our hearts. She will be missed.

Armani 1992 - 4/17/2006

I found Armani on Petfinders he was listed as a senior and had a whole slew of problems. I knew I had to have him. I found out that he was blind in one eye. He had a serious food allergy to chicken which caused him to lose most of his hair. He was prone to seizures and had many absesses on his body. When I talked to the lady at the rescue group she said he loved cats and was fine with dogs.Well I had done some reseach and knew they could be high-strung.Well the time arrived he comes out of the car and into the house and well tried to explore. The cats didnt know what he was. Well he was not high strung at all in fact he acted like a greyhound and lounged around all day. Well it was love at first sight.Being that he was an italian greyhound it was only fitting that he absolutely went crazy when spagetti was being cooked at my house. Armani had a good life here he had his bed with blankets that he would hide and dig into.He would sit on top of the couch looking down at the greyhounds and cats. He would feel bold and try to "box" with one of my cats which he would get in the play stance and rev his front feet up and down. The only time you would see him get mean if you tried to take his picture, was a wee bit camara shy. Armani had a very bad skin problem he would itch and itch nothing helped. He was losing vision in his other eye which caused him to get lost in his own backyard. So with heavy heart I had to let my little man go, so he could run at the Rainbow Bridge.Before we went to the Vet, I made him a bowl of Prince spaghetti (a Boston Brand),which he ate the whole thing. When he was at the Vet he was constantly licking my face as to say it was ok. He knew he had to wait at the bridge a short time for one of his friends was going to join him very soon.

Belle 6/10/1992 - 3/4/2006

A poem that my daughter Meghan wrote for her.

Belle is up in heaven now.

Belle is healed and happy.

She will always be loved and never forgotten.

Belle is up in heaven now.

Smoke 1995 - 4/13/2006

Sugar 1989 - 4/13/2006

With the heaviest of hearts Nancy and I inform all our wonderful friends that Smoke and his Peek-A-Poo house mate, Sugars made the Rainbow Bridge Crossing a little after noon today. Stricken with cancer, and after repeated surgeries, Smoke was continuing to suffer beyond endurance; both his and ours. Little Sugars was just three and a half weeks shy of her 18th birthday. Old age and the attending health issues signaled her time had come too. We love them too
much to allow their pain and suffering to continue any longer, so out of love and caring, had them humanely euthanized. They passed over Rainbow Bridge together today. Smoke never thought of her as a rabbit; rather, he always looked out for her, especially when there were other big dogs about. We would joke when walking Smoke, Rivet and Sugars; We adopted the Greyhounds so we took their lure, too. ;)

I believe that someday, when our turn comes to cross into Eternal Life, a loving and caring Lord will reunite us again. For now, they are at peace at last; we will mourn their passing. God bless them.

Pete, Nancy, Rivet and Petunia

Holly 1994 - 4/10/2006

Holly was with us for about 6 weeks she was truly a princess and the other dogs knew it. She was gentle as could be. She loved to lay in the sun and loved to be petted. She would jump on the couch put her head in your lap and look at you like well go ahead and start the petting, and when you stopped she would look at you again like hey not yet. Holly's birthday was this month and she would be 12. She is now free to run with her friends and lie in the sun, we know how girls like to get a tan. Holly you were very loved by all of us in the Smith family and you will be very much missed...

Bryan ,Sheryl, Kyle, Taylor and of course her foster family of Will, Alvia, and Lucky.....

Atlanta Star AKA- Shrek 2000 - 2/5/2006

Pinell 1995 - 2/1/2006

Here is the picture of Pinell that Greg had blown up for me and framed for Christmas. It is hanging above my mantle. He is already favoring his front left leg in this picture, but I still think it looks ok. Pinell was born 2/6/95 and died 2/1/06. I had forgotten when his birthday was and I remember when I was told he had cancer thinking he wouldn't make it to his 11th b-day - he didn't, but boy did he come close.

Fernando 2002 - 1/4/2006

"Fernando was the greatest dog I have ever known! He was majestic and handsome. When we went on our daily walks, I was often asked if he was a deer. He ate dinner with me on a regular basis and would even eat peppers. Grilled salmon was his favorite dish and I always bought an extra filet for him. Never in my life have I been so touched by a friend such as Fernando. He expressed his love to me freely and I was so proud of him. I will always love Fernando and he will always have a very special place in my heart. Fernando, you have given me love and joy and you will always be with me."

Rustic 1993 - 12/29/2005

Rustic was littermate to Missy, Wheatie, Zeke, and Tator Patch

Gladiator 2000 - 12/29/2005

Gladiator died quickly and I think without any pain. Nevertheless, he left the pain of his going with Deb and myself. I'm sure you can understand the loss we feel. In only 120 seconds, he went from jumping around frolicking--to gone forever.We loved Glady and was glad for the time we had. We feel we still have a lot of love to give, and what better way of showing it than adopting another grey. Another grey cannot and will not replace Glady, but if we can help make one more grey a happy home then please help us. Deb introduced me to the greyhound and we fell in love with Glady. He totally controlled Deb and trained her well. Glady will be greatly missed. Dearly loved and missed by Deb & Johnny Hutcheson in Hephzibah, GA.

Tashandra aka "Sandy" 1995 - 12/29/2005

ML Hot Diggity aka Diggity 1998 - 12/7/2005

Twilite 1993 - 11/29/2005

Boonoonoonoos aka "Booker" 1991 - 11/17/05

Booker was owned by Deb Maxwell, who has Ani's mother.

Elvis 6/13/1991 - 11/20/2004

Nadine - 6/18/1995 - 11/9/2005

Wyonita aka "Nita" 1993 - 2005

Minnie's A Mouse aka "Minnie" 1996 - 2005

Nanjo's Sapphire aka "Tasha" 1994 - 9/6/2005

Picked up by a Good Samaritan Trucker on the road on 7/17/05 and taken to Animals After Hours Emergency Clinic in Augusta, GA, where Dr. Garner stabilized her and staff found Greyhound Lifesavers after doing a search for greyhound rescue in Augusta, GA. Tasha came * home* on 8/22/05. She started limping on 9/1/05; x-rays confirmed that the limp was due to a bone tumor.

Tasha is dearly loved and missed by all staff at St. Francis/Animals After Hours Clinic, as well as Charlie, Renee, Froggie, and Jeanne.

Maineway Boodles aka "Chipsy Boodle" 1990 - 8/16/2005

Our silly silly girl.

Our precious baby who made us fail fostering 101. We welcomed you into our home as our first foster. When we received the call that you had found a home we promptly told her yes she had found a home and a special place in both of our hearts. Chipsy was not your ordinary greyhound.With her straight up ears to her huge greyhound grin.She had no use for toys however when she wanted to play she would lie on her side and bring her paws up over her ears and grunt. We would pat her side or scratch her ticklish belly and she would go "silly" on us. She was a guard dog she would bark at the doorbell, bark at anyone walking down the street and of course at the lucky dogs that were on a walk with their owners. Dear Chipsy I will now be afraid of the thunder since you will not be able to tell it to go away with your fierce bark, your greyt friend Amber. Bobby wants you to know she is keeping your bed safe and warm for your return.You have made us so happy now you can be happy and run and run and lay out in the sun.

We all miss you! from the woofs and meows. Bobby, Amber, Armani, Spaz, Squirt, and Dale. We love you and miss our silly girl.

Prettygirl Walker 2001 - 2005

"While we fostered you for only a short time, we will never forget you. Our last meeting was such a joy; your Happy Tail was sure an goin'. Never could we have imagined that would be the last time we would see you on this side of the bridge. We will miss you darling, and remember you forever." Pete & Nancy

Psychic Jewel 11/1991 - 6/2005

Page Passed over July 2005

Torpedo left, Page middle, Shandon right

Shandon Belle Passed over June 2005

Torpedo left, Page middle, Shandon right

ML Torpedo Run Passed over May 2005

Torpedo left, Page middle, Shandon right

Mikey Python aka "Mikey" 1993 - 5/2005

Dee Dee 10/1988 - 5/2005

My precious DeeDee - B's DeeDee

DeeDee was one month shy of living in my home for 3 years. I first met her when she and 2 other senior greys were given to us when her owners past away. She came with quite a rap record of biting and injuring the other 2 greys. We were quite apprehensive about taking her. Little did we know that she just did not want to be confined. She absolutely did not like a crate of any kind or even to be confined behind a baby gate. She never gave any of us a minute of trouble and lived quite happily with her next home until 2002. Her adopter was a senior with medical problems, thus she came to my home never to leave again. She could hardly walk, but supplements did wonders and she began sprinting around the yard. She was such a joy for all to watch. It made us all feel so wonderful in our hearts to see our old girl run and have fun. She was tough to the end and up until the day before her journey to Rainbow Bridge she fought a difficult battle to enjoy her life. Now she is playing with Barbee and Spike (her former pals), as well as the others she knew from living in my home. I miss her dearly, but I know that she had the best of the best and a lot of love from so many people. I love you my DeeDee and miss you deeply. I will see you again someday and we will walk over that bridge together. Sleep tonight and get that long needed rest until we meet again.

King Arthur 4/26/2001 - 4/25/2005

To Our Big White Dog, King Arthur...

Although your time with us was short, Our memories of you will last a lifetime.
You taught us many life lessons, Those less fortunate can thrive given the chance.
We are different people now.

We miss you dearly,
Melinda, Gerry, Jake and Scooby-Doo

Shadow 1991 - 4/25/2005

"On the beautiful morning of April 25, 2005, the sky was blue, the sun was shining, and God called our beautiful Shadow to come live with Him and her two brothers, Broggie and Chen. Almost fourteen years ago, Shadow was born on the island of St. Marteen in the Caribbean. On one of our many trips to the island, Shadow found Frog and followed her everywhere – one could say Shadow named herself – we fell in love with her (how could anyone not love Shadow) and brought her home to Hilton Head and a brother, Broggie. She had a wonderful life with the addition of another brother (Chen), a sister (Ginger), and finally another brother (Brute). She loved her new home in Aiken, SC, and she loved her family. Shadow died the morning of 4/25/05 from congestive heart failure; she suffered little – death came quickly. Through our tears, we rejoice knowing her life was wonderful, and we are so thankful for all the years of love she shared with us. As we say “goodbye” to our sweet Shadow, we are consoled knowing Broggie and Chen are greeting their sister with a big welcome into puppy heaven. Thank you so much for all your help, but mostly for bringing Brutes to us – he is definitely a Rappoport and, best of all, he knows he belongs here and is with his forever family."

U Too Thumbs Up aka "Thumb"1992 - 3/19/2005

U Too Thumbs Up

Thumb was our 1st greyhound. We got him back in 1997 when he was 5 years old. He truly was a gentle giant. We lost Thumb on March 19th 2005, he got to a point where he would fall and could not get back up.We adopted Thumb when we lived in Florida, and he would love to lie in the sun but he was afraid of everything, even a leaf that would blow by him. He is greatly missed and our hearts are with him forever.
Bryan, Sheryl, Kyle, and Taylor Smith

Frazier 1992 - 3/2005

Wheatie 1993 - 3/2005

ML Tator Patch aka "Zeke" 1993 - 3/2005

Spirit 1992 - 3/9/2005


Spirit (a/k/a RC Mark Weber) passed over Rainbow Bridge at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, March 9, 2005. Spirit was on his favorite fluffy quilt as Sam cradled him in his arms during the procedure. Sam said it was the hardest thing he's ever had to do.

Sam and I fostered Spirit (a/k/a Webber) for about five months. Spirit was a beautiful older red fawn male with the longest nose and most expressive eyes of any dog we have ever fostered. Spirit had a habit of gazing at you for the longest time until you wanted to ask him what he was thinking!. Spirit was a huge love who demanded and received lots of TLC. If you were stroking him he would nudge your hand until you did! Spirit was a big couch potato and a big bed potato also. Many nights he would join me in bed as we read library books and he stayed until he had to give up his space. Spirit loved Easy and peanut butter. We knew he had finally come out of his shell when he and Sam began having late night wolfing sessions. Spirit had so many obstacles to overcome in his short time with us. As many of you know Spirit was diagnosed with a mass in his stomach by Cherokee Trails several months ago. No one could say how long the mass had been there. Due to the mass constantly growing and compressing his stomach, he could not keep his food down for very long after digesting it. After some trial and we found feeding him many small meals throughout the day seemed to help. We were so excited when Cherokee told us on our monthly runs to pick up food and weigh him that he had gained a few pounds. The weight gain was short lived though. Spirit's bladder was affected also and we had a nightly ritual at our house at 1:45 a.m. and 4:30 a.m. Spirit would come get us to let him out in the backyard. I always took the 1:45 a.m. and Sam the 4:30 a.m. Last night I woke up at 1:45 and saw Spirit standing in the doorway. I fumbled my way out of bed and to the living room couch before I realized he wasn't there anymore. Spirit was painfully thin and it was our constant goal to feed him little things that might stay down. With Easy being so chubby and Spirit being so thin, they made quite a team walking around the neighborhood.

I couldn't let Spirit go without sharing his story. Somehow telling it validates the fact that he was here, struggled bravely and touched our hearts like no other foster. It was our blessing and privilege to have you with us, Spirit. We'll see you across the bridge someday.

Sam & Jan Guerry


Spirit is finally at peace. I can still see him trotting around the yard with those ears straight up. He enjoyed laying on the grass on a warm sunny day ( he would usually lay down next to Cinnamom ). Spirit seemed to really enjoy chasing squirrels. He would stand under the tree and watch the squirrel jump from one branch to another until it was out of sight. He truly was a gentle giant and the ultimate " velcro grey ".

May he run with the wind and the angels now,

Chris Weaving

Spirit lived with us for one year. I know how Jan and Sam felt when he gained a pound or two......

Cocoa 1994 - 1/2005

Our Cocoa Bean, you are missed so much by everyone at home. We know you had to go away, and we cherished you so dearly. Jackie, Ricochet and Lucky are lost without you to direct them. You were a real teacher for them. We appreciated every moment we shared with you. You were most gracious and beautiful.
Mom and Dad.

Missy 1993 - 11/2004

Lita 1991 - 11/2004

Snuffy 1992 - 10/2004

"Snuff-man, run fast and run free…Your spirit will always live on in our hearts…And always remember the things we taught you: don’t gulp your food, don’t drink so fast, look both ways before you cross the street, don’t stick your nose into EVERYTHING !!
And most importantly, we love you……always and forever…….."
Joyce and Bubba

T.J. 5/23/1993 - 8/2/2004

Chelsea 1990 - 7/2004

Chelsea with her greyt friend Jenny

Snap's Shortorder aka Snapple 1990 - 7/25/2004
To my Snapple Faye, You will stay always in my heart. I will never forget you, and I miss you daily!
Your mommy, Emily Behr

Buddy - Passed over May 2005

The story of our beloved BUDDY:

We all have special friends in our life, and I would like to tell you about one of mine. His name was Buddy and he was my dog for 14 years. He was the best and I don't think I will ever find one like him again. He was always there even if you didn't see him, he was always concerned even if he couldn't speak a word, he was faithful through thick and thin, and most important he loved everyone unconditionly. I got Buddy when he was a puppy and he was my baby until my son Radford was born, and then Buddy became not only mine but also Rad's dog. Rad grew up with him and didn't know life without him until yesterday afternoon around 4:25pm on May 9, 2005. He slept with Rad, he played with Rad, he listened to Rad when he needed a friend, and he even protected Rad when it was needed. Life without him won't be easy for Rad or the rest of us who loved him. Buddy fought with a tumor on the right side of his precious face for a year. It first started with a little ball sized tumor under the eye, then pushed the right eye back into his head, then started growing down and took over the right side of his mouth, and finally pushed on his nerves so bad he couldn't any longer stand the pain and discomfort. Through it all I wouldn't change a thing about having him in my life, I just hope he knew how loved and improtant he was in my life and in our family as a whole.

Buddy you will always be in our hearts and mind, we love you, Emily, Rad, and the Behr family!

Ariel 1996 - 6/2004

Dazzle 1994 - 6/2004

"My Precious 'Zigger Digger', I love and miss you so."

Maggie 1991 - 5/2004

Casual 1991 - 5/2004

Pippi 1997 - 4/2004

Popcorn - Passed over March 2004

Dark Barley 1998 - 1/2004

Ms. M 1999 - 1/2004

Carmelo 2001 - 1/2004

Carmelo had 7 months of living in the United States and in a home from June 2003. He arrived in the United Sates via England from Spain.

Follow this link to read a tribute by Judy Horton

Dancer 1989 - 1/2004

Gem Gem 1990 - 1/2004

It was my privilege & greyt pleasure to go through what I did. I'm not sure anymore how long I had my GemGem but it felt like he had been with me forever (as he should have been). But he was mine and I was his. So he was where he should have been when his life came to an end. I would not have had it any other way. I knew he would end here, and was as prepared as I could have been, I just hoped it would be much longer. He was a great joy to me & Roux. She mourns him as I do. But our hearts will heal and we are better for having had him in our lives. We will forever be in our debt for letting him into our lives. Thank you for that and for letting me know that there will be another greyt waiting when we are ready.

With a love for greyts,
Janice & Rou

Tuffy 1995 - 1/2004

Cornbread Whiskey 1991 - 12/2003

Candy Apple 1992 - 12/2003

My Forever Friend

I know that it must be different now that I am no longer here.
I can see how much I was loved and how all of you did care.
It will be hard at first when you look around for me,
Hoping to find me lying on my bed or outside beside my favorite tree.
But someday what you will begin to see, although it'll take some time,
Is that you brought happiness to me and forever it will be mine.
Remember it's the family I had that meant the most to me,
So please don't be sad,
It was just my time to leave.

Taffy Crunch 1995 - 12/2003

Tracker Passed over in November 2003

Niko Lox 2000 - 11/2003

Bo 1991 - 11/2003

Tr'Lee aka "Tri Leisure Gal" 1990 - 11/2003

Here is one of my favorite pictures of Tr'Lee. She is in the sandbox in our back yard. She loved to lay in the sand, and would dig it out to make the perfect place to lie down. When the weather was cool, she would lay out there as much as an hour, happy as a clam. (And no, try as we might, we never could get her to get up on the couch or bed!)

Allison drew this picture when she was 7 years old of herself giving Tr'Lee a milkbone. Although she didn't like to do it, Tr'Lee would sit willingly and nicely for a treat.

Sweetie aka "Sweet Miss Kitty" 10/8/1995 - 9/13/2003

CindyLou Passed over July 2003

Stephanie 1990 - 4/2003

midi playing - Somewhere over the rainbow

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