A Greyt Affair!

What happens when you have HUGE unexpected vet bills? (See Frankie Below) You throw a party and invite all your friends. Scott Opolyn of Chapin Station did just that on Saturday, August 23, 2008 by hosting the 1st Annual 'A GREYT AFFAIR'. He provided free food, beer, wine and soft drinks. And he conducted the live auction, which was the highlight of the event!! Bidding was fast and furious. Many thanks to Scott, Janet, the staff of Chapin Station, the Chapin community, Budweiser, The Heartworm Project, Bobby Bryant and our ever faithful Greyhound Lifesavers' adopters and supporters. All money raised went directly to the greyhounds. For those who could not attend, take heart. By popular demand, a bigger & even better event will be back in the Spring. Watch the website for details.

Frankie Goes to Winder!

Not quite as glamorous as "Frankie Goes to Hollywood" but it's every bit of a Greyt story! The Atlanta chapter of Greyhound Lifesavers received an email about a greyhound puppy that was in a shelter in Franklyn, Ga. Bryan drove down and picked up the scruffy looking pup and brought him back to Auburn, Ga where they cleaned him up and took him for his shots. A few days later "Frankie" as he was now known, began to get sick. After trying everything including calls to Judy, they brought Frankie into an emergency clinic where he was diagnosed with parvo, a disease that many times is fatal. After two days at the emergency vet, three more days at Hog Mountain Vet Hospital and $1500.00 later, Frankie was strong enough to go to a foster home. Frankie is being fostered by Mary Ann Robertson in Winder, Ga. and has made a complete recovery. He is being pampered as though he was a Rock Star! He has learned to sit, give his paw, and lie down, in fact, he will do just about anything for treats!:)

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