The application process is:
1. Fill out an application either online and submit the $25.00 application fee through Paypal using the button on the application page, or print one out and send it with a $25.00 application processing fee* to the point of contact on the application.
2. You will be contacted by our home visit coordinator, and she/he will arrange for someone to meet you at your home to discuss greyhound care and check your home for features that may be relevant for the selection of a pet, (i.e. stairs, sliding glass doors), and for issues that may be disadvantageous for adopting.
3. After the home visit, presuming you are still interested and the home visit person(s) recommend that you get a dog, we will identify a dog that meets your needs (i.e. cat safe, small child safe, small dog safe, etc.).
4. After selecting a dog, we will co-ordinate the adoption time with your family. Please remember we are ALL volunteers.
5.  We prefer that you allow a minimum of a three week adjustment period after the adoption to permit the dog to adjust to your home environment.
The adoption fee is $250. This fee covers medical and fostering expenses for the dogs.

The other requirement for adopting is that you read the book "Adopting the Racing Greyhound" by Cynthia Branigan.  This book is an interesting read and will give you information that will be very helpful once you get your dog. If you purchase through our link to Amazon we will receive a percentage of the sale.

*A $25.00 application processing fee is required per application. A check, made out to Greyhound Lifesavers, can be mailed separately from the application, or you may pay it using Paypal (making sure that you put the transaction code on the application) but the adoption process will not begin until receipt of completed application and application processing fee. Please include the name of the applicant(s) on the application processing fee check. If GL Greyhound Adoptions declines your application, your application fee will be refunded. If GL Greyhound Adoptions is unable to find a suitable dog for you within 120 days of receipt of your application fee, you will be given the option to extend the search or receive a refund. If you choose not to adopt from GL Greyhound Adoptions your application fee will be forfeited.