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At the August 2016 business meeting, our current president, Woody Fischbach, accepted our nomination for another term. Dave Windsor accepted our nomination for another term as Member At Large.

We now ask for nominations from our members (adopters). Please nominate anyone that you feel would be a good fit for either position. Nominations will remain open until 7pm on Monday, November 14th,

Qualifications and duties can be found in our By Laws on the About Us page.


JUST IN TIME FOR CHRISTMAS.......the 2017 Celebrating Greyhounds calendars are here.

The desk calendars are $15.50, and the wall calendars are $12.50.

Shipping within the continental USA is $5 for the first of each size and $2.50 for each additional calendar.

Shipping everywhere else is $12 for the first of each size and $8 for each additional calendar.


EVER has been adopted and will make her home in Tennessee.

New dogs will arrive in January. We are limited on how many we bring in only by the number of foster homes we have. If you are willing to foster, please call Pat Ferreira at 774-644-1228. She will explain our program in detail.


Does your greyhound need a companion but you feel you are not ready to adopt another one? Have you thought about "trying out" a greyhound but don't want to commit to full ownership? Or, do you have the time and love for a greyhound but would rather help out an adoption group? Well, consider fostering! Greyhound Lifesavers is always in need of wonderful foster folks to help our greyhounds get used to a life of full retirement. Foster "parents" provide temporary, loving care for greyhounds until they are on their way to new lives. Greyhound Lifesavers pays for all the expenses. The rewards of fostering a new greyhound cannot be adequately explained in words. Submit your application today or call 803 414 1476 for more information.

Who Are We?

Greyhound Lifesavers Inc., a 501(c)(3) non profit group consists of greyhound owners from Georgia, North Carolina, and South Carolina. "We are racing-neutral". We are dedicated to finding homes for retired racing greyhounds. We have extensive experience in caring for greyhounds and we love matching people and greyhounds. We work with greyhound farms and adoption representatives at several Florida racing tracks to place dogs in desperate need of a loving home. Are you our next GL home? Contact us if you can open your home to a retired racing greyhound - you won't be sorry.

We place each "fresh from service" greyhound into a foster home for a minimum of three weeks to ease the transition from living in a kennel to living in a home. During that time, each of our greyhounds receives a thorough veterinary exam that includes shots, heartworm testing, teeth cleaning, and spay/neuter service. We also micro-chip each dog. We then test to see if the greyhound is cat-safe, small dog-safe, and child-safe. We want these greyhounds to succeed in their new homes.

Greyhounds placed through Greyhound Lifesavers are usually between two and six years of age. Most females weigh between 55 and 65 pounds, while males weigh between 65 and 85 pounds. They stand from 26-29 inches at the shoulder and come in a variety of colors. Greyhounds are ideal house pets because they are a clean breed known for having short hair with little shedding, little odor, and they are house trained.

Donating Made Easy!

Have you been "searching" for an easy way to "give" to Greyhound Lifesavers? Well here are two ways that you can give, they won't cost you anything, and you can save money at the same time!

IGive will donate a portion of your purchase to Greyhound Lifesavers just for using their website to make your purchases. They have over 700 brand name stores to choose from like Staples, Home Depot, and QVC, and many times they have coupons that will save you money! What could be easier? To get started, go to www.IGive.com and under "Find your cause", choose South Carolina, and then Animals, then enter "Greyhound" as the keyword. You will then see a list of charities. Click on "Greyhound Lifesavers", and then "Select Cause", fill in your information, then start shopping! It's that easy!

GoodSearch will donate to Greyhound Lifesavers each time you use them to search the internet. You will get the same results as if you use Yahoo, and we will get a donation! How easy is that? Just go to www.goodsearch.com and type in Greyhound Lifesavers as your charity and start searching! You can even add GoodSearch to your Internet Browser by clicking on "Add GoodSearch To Your Toolbar" on their page. So from now on, make every search count!