From The Greyhound Lifesavers Board

Sadly, Greyhound Lifesavers is closing its doors.

During the last fifteen years we have successfully placed hundreds of hounds in their forever homes. Unfortunately, over the past few years our volunteer foster homes have dwindled in spite of all our efforts to encourage new members to foster.

We thank all those who have supported our group by fostering, helping with our annual on-line auctions and other fund raisers, as well as those who made donations and supported our Marketplace.

Thanks to your generosity, we never lacked the funds we needed to support our foster dogs. We plan to donate our remaining funds to The Greyhound Health Initiative (The Greyhound Health Initiative ) For any questions , or for further information please call 803 414 1476.

We encourage you to "like" their Facebook page and follow how this donation will boost the 4Legs4Hounds program.Wishing you all the best,

Woody Fischbach, President

Pat Ferreira, Vice President

Joyce Jackson, Secretary

Andy Mills, Treasurer

Susie Bouw, Member at Large

Dave Windsor, Member at Large